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Saint Paul Church and Vabaduse Square.

Rakvere, Estonia.

The intent of this competition is to provide the city of Rakvere with a concert hall that will honor the life of composer Arvo Part, as well as the redesign of Vabaduse Square to contribute to the high quality of Rakvere’s public space.
To re organize the public space seems to be the main concern of the competition.
The church building (currently used as a sports venue) will be transformed into a multifunctional public building along with its annex to introduce the work of Arvo Part and other Estonian classical music composers while also serving as a venue for seminars, conferences, etc.
The Estonians consider Rakvere as the European capital of culture; however the city does not have yet a building for such activities.
They want a modern – contemporary multifunctional concert hall to provide the city with such needs.
They also want this building to be sustainable, in many opportunities they talk about energy-efficiency and considering that they have a consultant for the jury in energy efficiency I’m assuming it is an important subject. We should address sustainable issues as much as possible.


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