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Design It: Shelter Competition.

Amazonas River, Peru.

Inspired by a journey deep into the jungle of the Amazon River, the ‘Amazon Shack’ tries to improve in a very simple and vernacular way the design for local houses.
The use of local materials (reclaimed wood, bamboo and palm leaves for the roof), cross ventilation and shaded outside space are key for a sustainable design in this type of weather and land.
Elevated from the ground to protect from floods in the rainy season the shelter is made out of reclaimed/local wood and bamboo only. The pitch roof, made of palm leaves, protects the shelter from the rain and wind, and could easily collect rain water for personal use.
The upper bamboo panels slide down with a very simple mechanism of pulley wheel and rope for better circulation of air. The back wall opens up into a deck for more flexibility of the indoor-outdoor space, as well as for air circulation at the hottest hours of the day.
You could also store the canoe underneath the access ramp to protect it from the rain.
The intent is to provide a shelter with good indoor-outdoor quality space for better living conditions in such an extreme but beautiful place.


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